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All homes have some sort of water heating system, be it gas, electric, or tankless, and unfortunately, none of them last forever.

Most standard water heaters have an average life span of anywhere from 12-15 years
, give or take. On average, water heaters last 13 years in the Portland metro area. If proper maintenance and installation practices are put in place, then it is possible to extend that lifespan another 10 years on average.

You will know it is time for replacement when one of several things happen: a lack of hot water, a leaking water heater, or possibly rust-colored water. And when it comes time for replacement, we are the first call you should make.

When you are planning install a water heater in your house or business you have two primary choices. You can either choose a tankless water heater or you could opt for a traditional gas / electric water heater.

Let’s take a look at the different types of water heaters that Armour Plumbing can offer you.

Traditional Portland Hot Water Heaters
You can choose from two types of traditional hot water heaters. The choice varies depending upon your need. You can either choose a heater that is electrically powered or one that runs on gas. The traditional water heaters are also available in a number of sizes and you should ideally pick one depending upon the location of use.

Traditional hot water heaters are designed to suit every need and depending on the purpose, one can choose from the following sizes: 40, 50, 66, 75, 80 and 120 gallons. There are a number of other sizes available, but these are definitely the most common. Homes that are fitted with a Jacuzzi or hot tub will generally choose a 66 gallon water heater whereas traditional homes usually opt for a 50 gallon tank.

The following are the measures taken into consideration for analyzing the efficiency of a traditional water heater: First hour recovery rate, recovery rate, efficiency rating and cost. Customers may not be able to analyze the effectiveness of their water heaters, however the staff at Armour Plumbing are thoroughly trained to understand your needs and provide you with the best traditional water heater installation and repair services.

Gas Water Heaters
Gas water heaters operate via natural gas (or sometimes propane). They use a burner to heat up the tank of water to an adjustable temperature, usually no more than 125 degrees. Gas water heaters have a fast recovery rate, meaning that once all the hot water from the tank is depleted, they can quickly heat up a full tank again, allowing for more fixtures to be used at once (shower, dishwasher, etc.). Gas water heaters produce combustion, so they have a vent at the top to channel all spent hot gases away from the unit itself.

Electric Water Heaters
Electric water heaters function by using two thermostats located on the side of the tank to heat up two elements within the tank. These elements get red-hot, heating all of the water inside. The thermostats are adjustable to 125 degrees in most cases. Electric water heaters do not require a vent, so they can be installed in a wider variety of spaces. They have a slower recovery rate than gas water heaters, however, so they are not without flaws. Either system will function in any home built for them, and both have roughly the same life span. All sizes are available, from small, 10-gallon units to large scale 100-gallon units and everything in between.

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Tankless Water Heaters
Tankless water heaters are a relatively new concept to the U.S., having been popular in Japan and Europe for years. Tankless water heaters occupy a very small area, averaging about the size of a small suitcase, and are wall-mountable. They use (on most units) a combination of gas and electricity to operate, and are much more efficient than standard water heaters. They operate cleanly and quietly, and require little to no maintenance.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters can be installed inside or outside, and as such, have different venting requirements than tank-type heaters. They also are available with an optional wall-mounted keypad to adjust temperature. All this new technology and convenience comes with a price (literally) however, averaging between roughly three to five times as much as a standard water heater installation. The wait for hot water is also a bit longer due to the design of the unit. They have a 25-year average lifespan, and come with a standard 10-year warranty.

Armour Plumbing will be happy to install a tankless water heaters for you anywhere in the Portland Metro Area. Our certified plumbers are experienced and will gladly help you decide which brand and unit is appropriate for you while keeping energy efficiency tax incentives in mind.

Listed below are a few reasons why these tankless water systems are gaining so much popularity in the US:

Constant hot water supply: With a tankless water heater you’ll never run out of hot water. They heat your water on-demand and are ideal for homes where the demand for hot water is large. Homes with pools or hot tubs would benefit tremendously from these tankless models.

A simple turn of a faucet will give you hot flowing water without waiting for the water to heat. This can be attributed to the low recovery rate and when they are used under the maximum flow rate in one’s home, they need absolutely no time for recovery, thus providing unlimited hot water supply.

Size: Tankless water heaters are compact in size and do not take up too much space in your home. Since they can be fitted indoors or outdoors you can decide what offers more convenience.

Energy Efficient: If you were to look at the statistics you will note that traditional water heaters run at a rate of 62% efficiency, which is a drain on your resources. Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient when compared to traditional heaters that run on gas or even electricity. Tankless water heaters run at an 80% energy efficiency rate and offer  higher energy savings as well. This is primarily because the water is heated only when its required. One of the main reasons why traditional water heaters lose their efficiency over time is due to the accumulation of sediments, which is not the case in tankless water heaters.
Durability: Tankless water heaters are twice as durable as compared to traditional water heaters.

Value: When you sell your house, you can increase the value if you have recently installed a tankless water heater. In fact, Oregon offers monetary incentives to homes that have replaced their traditional heating tanks with tankless models. Since the concept is relatively new, there are a number of discounts floating around on a variety of models and you should make the most of the opportunity!  Armour Plumbing can help you get the most for your money.

Installing a tankless water heater indeed has a number of advantages and when you approach Armour Plumbing you can be rest assured that you will be fixed up with only the best brand, the best quality and the best service.
If your traditional water heater is eating into your energy consumption at your home or office, it is high time you change to a tankless water heater.

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Maintenance and Installment for Hot Water Heater in Portland
In recent days, the market for water heaters in Portland has become diversified to satisfy the distinct needs of households. Modern water heaters save on water utilization and energy usage which in turn save Portland residents cash.

At this time, the least expensive unit often is the electric hot water heater. It is simple to operate and a lot more economical than gas or propane heater units. Armour Plumbing water heater repair professionals can dispose of the aged or broken system, clear any grime, set up a brand-new cost-effective system, and haul away the old water heater quickly and for a good expense.
An Experienced Water Heater Repair Plumber in Portland
Sediment build up might cause troubles with the Portland hot water heater. The build up of sediment reduce the volume of water the system could heat and reduce the heating ability of electrical features.

It is recommended that your own Portland water heater be cleaned out by a trained expert every couple of years. Armour Plumbing provides low rates and experienced master Portland water heater repair plumbing techs who will complete the service rapidly and efficiently.

Water Heater Incentives

Energy Trust of Oregon
As a plumbing contractor of Energy Trust of Oregon, we can help you save money with cash incentives and state energy tax credits for improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Armour Plumbing can assist you in selecting a qualified, high-efficiency electric or gas water heater today to start saving energy and money. These cash incentives are offered by Energy Trust for contractor-installed water heaters.

Oregon's Residential Energy Tax Credit allows up to $340 for gas water heaters, depending on the model's efficiency level. Your new or upgraded hot water heater must meet Oregon tax credit criteria; see Oregon Department of Energy (link) or your tax accountant for details.

Federal Energy Tax Credit allows for 10 percent of cost, up to $300 (depending on model efficiency level). See complete rules and requirements for details.

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