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By submitting the form above and requesting a bid estimate you agree to the following:

Only authorized persons may order work. This includes the property owner, their agent or manager can request service on the property. If you are a tenant, you must get the owner, or owners' agent/manager, to give us authorization before we can begin work.

We assume that if you call us to request service that you are the property owner. If you submit a work order, you accept full responsibility for the bill incurred for our services. If you call us and order the work - you pay us.

Bid estimates provided over the phone or by email are ball-park estimates based on the details you provide and are not guaranteed rates; they are estimates.  For a more accurate estimation we suggest requesting a free "in-person" estimate.

Our professionals will be able to more provide you with an accurate quote after seeing job specifics first-hand, especially since unforeseen problems such as dry rot could arise. The size and scope of the project could entail more or less work thereby causing your bid estimate to increase or decrease.

Should unforeseen problems arise while we are on the job, they will be discussed with the owner and upon approval, any additional work will be added to the bid.  Any modifications resulting in extra work will also be added to the original bid / bid estimate.

If you are experiencing flooding, in addition to contacting us you should also contact your local fire department or 911.

For all of your plumbing related issues in Portland, call Armour Plumbing at 503-464-6216.

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Monday - Friday
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Upon request we may be able to assist you after regular business hours to accommodate you. If your request requires special accommodation, please indicate this using the form on this page.

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